As DAOCAT is a value investor (I know tough to imagine given all the talk about crypto) one of the names that has always been on his radar is (SPRT), for the reason that this company had more cash than its market cap, no long-term debt, and even tax loss carryforwards (kind of an asset, if monetized). The business of the company is totally boring — they provide tech personnel to even more boring tech companies but it was an interesting value play being the perennial Pound for 75 pence.

To DAOCAT’s surprise, the other week, Support did a…

TALLINN —, an EU regulated digital asset exchange, announces the launch of Ethereum 2 staking and trading service. Redot’s platform offers intuitive 1-click ETH2 staking suitable for both novice traders and seasoned investors. ETH2 staking has been a lucrative investment since its launch in late 2020, with APY over 10% at the time of writing ( calculator). However, due to non-trivial technical requirements necessary to maintain validator nodes and a 32 ETH minimum per validator, most staking to date was reserved for expert investors and developers. Redot on the other hand allows anyone with as little as 0.01 …

TALLINN — ( BUSINESS WIRE) — is pleased to announce its upcoming Ethereum 2.0 staking and trading service. As of this writing, the total ETH locked in the ETH2 deposit contract is 2,000,000 ETH, and rising. However, most staking to date has been done by core developer teams, and experts who are able to maintain their own validator nodes, constantly run an internet-connected computer, and most importantly stake at least 32 ETH per validator. Further, initially, Ethereum 2 transferability is not enabled by the protocol, and funds sent to Ethereum 2 smart contract are locked for an indeterminate amount…

Another day another high, and no I’m not talking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or more recent drug-fueled finger slicing incident which ironically got Johnny Depp flown to LA. Clearly, you know that I’m talking about crypto, and surely you’re seeing a ton of headlines and tweets, especially on a day like today, “I told you so”, “you should have mortgaged your house and bought BTC”. Good thing you can check if these Monday morning quarterbacks are honest by looking at timestamps such as my recommendation over 3 months ago when the price was trying to break $10K…

When I was trading for a hedge fund, I’d read institutional research including Citibank’s. It seems that these days bankers read crypto-oriented blogposts including mine, from over 2 months ago: “Bitcoin = Millenial Gold” (for inspiration). See Citibank’s research excerpts from today:

We created REDOT Insights, which is a blog meant for our most devoted users to comment on the markets, latest happenings, and in general express their views. DAOCAT graciously agreed to share his thoughts with our community from time to time, but since it’s been a long and volatile week, he decided not to bore you too much, and express his opinion, with a bit of music:

It might seem crazy what I’m ‘bout to say Money printing is here, bears can take a break BTC’s a hot air balloon that could go to space With the ETH, like…

Cats typically sleep 70% of their lives, and although I am DAOCAT, not Scottish Fold I have been absent from Redot Insights for nearly a month, resting and reassessing the markets. Incidentally, this has been the best strategy — since my last post Bitcoin — Millenial Gold suggesting you buy some BTC, or as cryptokitties call it HODL BTC, this simple advice yielded +47% to today’s $16,100 on an unlevered basis.

What I want to impress upon, is that we are far from reaching my desired target. While in the short term, we’ve likely reached an intermittent peak on those… is now listed on Coinranking — a mobile-friendly price tracker of cryptocurrencies & NFTs. Coinraking provides independent data via website, Telegram Bot and Mobile App. listing can be viewed at

Originally published at on October 13, 2020.

We’re pleased to announce that Redot was listed on transparent crypto data provider Nomics. After a stringent onboarding procedure, Nomics considers Redot’s transparency rating to be A+ (excellent). At the time of publishing this article, Redot is ranked #29 (out of 393 exchanges) by transparency and volume. More information about Redot listing can be found at

Originally published at on October 2, 2020.


EU regulated digital asset exchange

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